What is a Labradoodle?

A labradoodle is a cross between a standard poodle and a labrador and what was made from the genes was the most perfect dog.

A State-Of-The-Art Canine.

Designer-Dog first created  in Australia to be the ultimate doggie companion and guide for human beings with sight impairment or total blindness.

Dogs who have no doggy odour even in wet weather, and little or no shedding in the best examples. The benefits of this are easily understood for a dog who is to live side by side, in and around your home and your car.

Labradoodles are very loving dogs who, in the day are very active and full of beans and yet in the evenings, like nothing more than to curl up beside their owners and have their tummy's ticked.

They like a lot of attention most waking hours of the day and are also very intelligent.

They like a lot of mind stimulation so long walks, playtimes and extra curricular activities are always on the mind of a labradoodle.

Some labradoodles have a curly coat and others have more labrador traits and have a straight coat.

Originally, they were bred to help the blind and others with impaired abilities. They are now also quite popular for those with allergies due to the poodle trait of a non-shedding coat.

There is a small percentage of labradoodles who do shed a little but they still seem to have hypoallergenic properties, although, this has not been proved as yet. Labradoodles are also known not to have any body odour.

People who are thinking about having a labradoodle companion often ask if there are any genetic problems as both labradors and poodles both suffer from hip and eye problems. Many people say that, labradoodles seem problem free. However Rochelle Sundholm from Spring Creek Labradoodles - www.springcreeklabradoodles.com - kindly provided the following information:-

".....Labradoodles share the same genetic problems that any of the parent breeds have that are used for breeding. Simply crossing two unrelated breeds does not mean that genetic issues will be eliminated. There have been multiple labradoodles from multi-gen, first cross and backcross lines that have ended up with hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, eye problems, and other disorders, all inherited from the parent dogs. I've heard from, and spoken with numerous people with labradoodles that have major health issues and it would be extremely unfortunate for potential owners to be led to believe that they are ensured a healthy dog simply because this is a cross breed.

It is very important that proper health testing be done on any breeding dogs, so that serious genetic issues are not continually bred on. If people feel genetic issues are not a problem, this will lead to the general public not requesting health information on breeding stock, which in turn will lead to many breeders simply not testing. We all know this will then lead to even more genetic issues continuing to be bred on and causing heartbreak to many families who end up owning the dogs afflicted with the genetic issues.

Any of the same genetic problems that either labs or poodles experience, are the
exact same ones that are genetically possible in the labradoodle. It is important for people to understand this, or we will see the labradoodle headed for disaster. I am writing in hopes that your site can be a positive tool in helping people to make educated decisions about where to purchase from, and who to purchase from so they can reduce the risk of experiencing a serious genetic issue with their future dog. Knowing that genetic issues are possible is an extremely important piece of information to the potential buyer..."

Owning a labradoodle means answering a lot of questions from other interested dog owners on walkies. This website hopes to provide more information.

I am not a breeder, but do have a lovely labradoole called Poppy. This website contains personal information, and information gathered from other sites on the internet. It is not a definitive guide, but hopefully a helpful one.

Enjoy the website, and feel free to ask any questions.

If you are labradoole, then perhaps you would like to bury the website in a flower pot,.. or maybe this is just something that Poppy likes to do!?